Upper School


The aim of Upper School is to equip students for their Senior School pathway.

To this end, during a student's education in Upper School there is an increased emphasis on:

  • Career exploration
    We want students to leave Upper School with goals and a CV/personal portfolio they can build on. We want them to transition to the Senior School pathway that will be the most successful and purposeful for them.
  • Developing independence, work ethic and study habits
    We want students to have established the independence, self-discipline, organisation, time management and study strategies that will be required for success in their Senior School pathway.
  • Growing responsible and resilient young adults
    We want students to become responsible, employable citizens and be increasingly response-able/resilient to the pressures around them. We want them to become more caring and empathetic in their interactions and more accountable for their own actions and choices.

Course selection process


We develop the timetable to cater for the student demand for each course, specific to each cohort. In a school of our size, this is done well ahead of the next school year.

Year 8 students are invited to choose the Elective Courses they would like to study in Year 9 at the start of Term 2 .

Year 9 students are invited to choose the Elective Courses they would like to study in Year 10 towards the middle of Term 2.

Year 10 students are invited to choose their Senior School Courses towards the end of Term 2.

Course Information Handbooks can be found here.

Course change requests


Course changes outside of the Course Selection Process are not guaranteed. Course Change Request Forms are available in hard copy from the Upper School office and can be submitted back to the Upper School office once signed by a parent. Course change requests need to be received by the Upper School office by the end of the term before the Course starts. Course Change requests received during school holiday periods or once a course has begun are rarely able to be accommodated.

Both the SVAPA Program and the Music Program are a three-year commitment from Year 7 through to the end of Year 9.  The GAT Languages program is a four-year commitment from Year 7 through to the end of Year 10.

All students study a Language until the end of Year 10, unless they are eligible for Literacy Fundamentals Program. Students may choose not to continue with the study of a Language from Year 11.

Course Change Request Forms can be found below.

Upper School Course Change Request 2023 (CLOSED)


Upper School Course Change Request 2024   (OPEN)

Support with curriculum


Timetables and Course information are published through Connect.  Should you have any questions regarding curriculum, assessment, reporting or academic progress you can contact the Course teacher by email in the first instance.

Should you need to, you can seek further information through the Program Coordinator of the learning area.


Support with health, wellbeing and engagement in school


There is a team of staff ensuring your child's experience in Upper School is a positive one.  Should you have any information that would be of benefit to share with us regarding student attendance, health, wellbeing or engagement in school you can contact your Form Teacher and/or the Year Coordinator.


Upper School Office

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Will Kosovich

Year 9 Coordinator

Class of 2027


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Year 10 Coordinator

Class of 2026



Sharon Jones

Assistant Associate Principal

Upper School - Years 9 and 10


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Associate Principal

Upper School – Years 9 and 10