Parent Teacher Interviews - Semester 1


"Parent-Teacher Interviews provide a formal opportunity for teachers, parents and carers to discuss student achievement and learning behaviour, share children's progress, and establish goals for improved learning and achievement in future. It also gives teachers the chance to understand a little more about the students in their classrooms." State of Queensland (Department of Education).


Parent-Teacher interviews are conducted at Mount Lawley Senior High School each year during Term 1, for Interim reports, and Term 2, for Semester 1 Reports. For these interviews, we use the internet-based booking system called Parent Teacher Online (PTO).

It is designed to save time for parents, staff and students by allowing parents to directly book a time convenient for them. It can be accessed from any internet-connected device. If parents do not have access to an internet-connected device, they can contact the school for assistance. All enquiries can be directed to 


Additionally, if you encounter any problems using PTO please notify the school office, preferably via email at