Mount Lawley Senior High School's Music program is long running, and has a history of enriching students' creativity, performance skills and musical knowledge. The aim of our program is to generate lifelong lovers of music, whilst simultaneously offering diverse pathways into industry. Your child's journey in our program will not only expand their musicianship, but develop transferable skills such as self-confidence, coordination, active listening, literacy, language, focus, creativity, sensitivity, empathy, teamwork mentality, discipline, perseverance, community mindedness and mastery - all whilst having fun.

Our passionate educators cater for individual voices and ideas beyond the curriculum. We provide various enrichment opportunities including customised workshops, chamber groups, 'Music club' and a student mentoring program. We offer a stage for all students to showcase their acquired skills within the local community as well as at a state level.

Throughout the first three years of the program, students participate in;

  • Two classroom music lessons per week
  • One instrumental lesson per week
  • One ensemble rehearsal per week (with opportunities to join many more)
  • Concert performances and assemblies

Our program offers Senior School pathways in Jazz, Western Art and Contemporary specialisations through ATAR, Certificate III and PIMSS options.

The Music Program at Mount Lawley Senior High School nurtures the musical development of students through the areas of class music, instrumental music and ensemble participation.


See our Parent Music Information Booklet for more information about our Music Program.


Missed the Music Information Night? View our presentation.


Instrumental Music


All successful applicants to our Music program will be offered weekly instrumental lessons through the Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) program. Students are selected for instruments (with 15+ possible choices) based upon the individual students experience and interest as well as in association with the school band / orchestra needs and requirements.

IMSS run scholarship lesson programs to more than 450 public primary and secondary schools, reaching more than 15,000 students from Years 3 to 12. In addition to weekly small group instrumental lessons, students have opportunities to participate in enrichment music activities which combine students working collaboratively across year levels in various ensembles covering a range of styles and genres.

More information about the IMSS program can be found at

It is important to realise that specific instruments are offered to balance our ensembles within the program. Staff carefully select students for some of the less common instruments. Balancing the ensembles is crucial for the ongoing success of the music program.


Private Instrumental Lessons

Students accepted into the program who have previously received and paid for private instrumental or vocal lessons will have to continue learning on a private basis whilst they wish to participate in the Mount Lawley Senior High School Music program. Private lessons will need to occur on a regular weekly basis. Privately taught student's membership of an ensemble may need to be periodically reviewed to ensure appropriate levels of performance are being maintained.


Ensemble Music


_mg_0653.jpgWe offer a range of ensembles which cater for the different needs of all students within the program. Ensembles are directed by Music and Instrumental staff, and rehearsals are on a weekly basis. All ensembles participate in regular performances at concerts, ceremonies assemblies and community events.

All students are expected to participate in the ensemble program, and many students participate in more than one ensemble. The ensemble program offers students a rich and rewarding experience of group rehearsal and performance.

Our ensembles include:

  • Concert Band 1
  • Concert Band 2
  • Concert Band 3
  • Concert Band 4
  • Senior String Orchestra
  • Junior String Orchestra
  • Big Band 1
  • Big Band 2
  • Jazz Combos (multiple)
  • Senior Classical Guitar Ensemble
  • Junior Classical Guitar Ensemble
  • Contemporary Ensemble 1
  • Contemporary Ensemble 2
  • Contemporary Ensemble 3
  • Contemporary Ensemble 4
  • Choir

*Multiple smaller Rock Bands and Chamber Music Groups




The performance uniform must be worn at all performances, including school assemblies. Please look through our performance photos included for reference. (Note jeans, cargo pants, sneakers and black t-shirts are not acceptable alternatives).

Students may wear:

  • Black shirt with school logo*
  • Black blouse with school logo*

and either:

  • Black trousers with black socks and black lace up shoes, or
  • Black skirt* with black stockings/socks and black lace up shoes
  • Item must be purchased from the Uniform shop.


For all Uniform shop items, please allow additional ordering time to ensure required sizes are in stock ahead of any scheduled performances.


Parent Support and Engagement


We ask parents and caregivers to be active members of our community by engaging with one of two sub-committees that support your child's educational journey. Without the support from these committees, the program would have great difficulty running, and would not be the holistic, innovative program that it is today. Why we ask parents to join a committee:

  • You can actively participate in your child's education,
  • Music students are the beneficiaries of fundraising events,
  • Help pay for enriching learning experiences and purchase new resources for music students,
  • Participate in making decisions for future learning experiences,
  • Meet other parents, and
  • Get to know our staff.


Music Parent Support Committee

The Mount Lawley Senior High School Music Support Committee is made up of parents who actively support the Music students and staff. The committee seeks to improve the resources and opportunities available for the pursuit of musical education at Mount Lawley Senior High School. Music parents meet twice a term on a Thursday.


Lawley Art Auction Committee

The Lawley Art Auction is the major fundraising event for the program. Held annually in June, the auction represents a tremendous commitment and partnership between artist, parents, business, community and school. Every year the bidding is exhilarating with a stunning array of professional artworks on offer. Music students have a hand in helping and performing on the night. Auction Committee parents meet regularly in first semester only.


Application Process


Mount Lawley Senior High School will soon seek applications for its highly renowned music program, designed for talented young musicians who are eager to develop their skills and engage in an enriching educational journey. For students passionate about music and aim to be part of a program that fosters creativity and excellence, here is the application process:

  • Application Submission: Prospective students must first complete the online general application form for Mount Lawley Senior High School. Within this application, ensure to tick the boxes indicating your interest in the music program. The online form will be made available shortly on the school website.
  • Audition Process: Auditions are scheduled for the week starting August 5th, 2024. Applicants are expected to prepare a piece to perform on their chosen instrument or through voice as well as undertake a short interview. Additionally, students may be requested to demonstrate musical awareness by playing scales or clapping rhythms as requested. Students currently participating in the IMSS program at their primary school should audition on their allocated instrument, showcasing their developed skills and
  • Out-of-Catchment Applications: For those residing outside our catchment area, we offer a limited number of spots within our music program. These opportunities are highly competitive and aimed toward dedicated and committed music students. Please tick the box 'Jazz Music' if you live outside the catchment area.

Further Information: If you have questions or need additional details, please contact Mr Dijon Summers, Teacher in Charge of Music, at

Mr Summers is available to guide you through the application process and provide insights into what makes our music program uniquely beneficial for aspiring musicians.

We look forward to welcoming new talents into our vibrant and growing music community. At Mount Lawley Senior High School, we're committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment where musical aptitudes and diversity are celebrated and nurtured to their fullest potential.




The Mount Lawley Senior High School Music Department aims to encourage students to pursue their interest and love of Music in a supportive community. This is achieved by providing a nurturing environment that challenges members to pursue personal excellence in all musical endeavours and to be active citizens of both the school and our local community. We aim to create links with both WAAPA, UWA and local organisations and provides performance opportunities for our music students that gives them the ability to connect with their peers in a unified voice. The Mount Lawley Senior High School Music Department empowers and encourages every member of our community to be the best musician they can be and to take their love of Music with them into their future pathway.

Dijon Summers | TIC Music