Information & Communication Technology (ICT)


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The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians has as one of its central components, the development and attainment of core competencies in information and communication technologies (ICT) in a rapidly changing world.

As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver the best ICT in an educational setting, we have had to look at an ICT model which is economically sustainable in order to continue to foster effective teaching and learning in all our learning areas.

Students need to develop the essential skills to become effective and creative users of information and communication technologies.

It is with this in mind that a voluntary Parent Owned Model of notebooks for students has been adopted.

The model will provide benefits such as ensuring that all students have access to notebooks from the beginning of their entry into high school to their completion of school.

It will also enable teachers to develop ICT based strategies in all their preparation and teaching as required. Notebooks can play an integral part in a student's educational environment.


Mount Lawley SHS is committed to ensuring students have equitable access to technology.


From a school perspective, we have determined a platform that we can effectively support and which provides all the essential software for free, minimising total cost outlay.

As a school, we are aware that for some parents and caregivers the parent owned model may be economically challenging, however we believe it is in the best interests of each child to be able to access this technology as soon as practicable.

Various options are available in the market place to minimize the initial cost outlay, including rent/buy options.

Students who do not own a notebook will still have access to computers in the laboratories and library and may borrow one for daily use and return it at the end of the day. It will not be permitted to be taken home.

Students who have their computers in for repairs or are awaiting insurance claims will be able to get a loan computer from the school. This will enable all staff and students to continue their learning programs without interruptions.

I hope you are able to share with us your son's/daughter's ICT educational journey. We see it as essential preparation for a rapidly changing world by equipping students with the skills required to remain competitive in any environment.




This program has the capacity to connect education with today's technological world and provide an experience rich environment for students.

The school has developed a Strategic Plan with a vision to creating an e-Iearning environment that will:

  • excite and motivate students,
  • promote independent and flexible learning,
  • be sustainable and affordable,
  • fully engage staff and students,
  • enhance and improve learning and teaching by providing relevant and engaging technologies.


Acceptable Use


Although the notebooks are owned by parents, students must agree to the terms and conditions in the "acceptable use agreement" whilst at school.

This document comprising the ICT Usage Policy and the Acceptable Use Agreement has been written to provide you with valuable information relating to the provision and acceptable use of the notebook computer at school and at home.

Read the information carefully with your child and consider implementing appropriate measures at home to ensure your child uses the computer safely, responsibly and ethically.

The school must receive an Acceptable Usage Agreement signed by the student and parent before being granted students access to online services.

The Acceptable Use Agreement can be found at the back of the Parent Owned Notebook Information Package and the Parent Owned Laptop Use Policy.

If you have any queries and/or require further assistance regarding these documents, please do not hesitate to contact the school on 9265 1500.




As part of the program, parents will be asked to purchase a specified notebook from those listed below. Parents may rent / buy either:

  • A MacBook / MacBook Air (recommended)
  • A Windows laptop

For further information about minimum device requirements please see our Parent Owned Laptop Use Policy.

Insurance, notebook covers and external hard disks for backup are required to ensure care and maintenance of the computer, continuous learning and to avoid losing data.