Middle School


Four distinct Communities

There are four distinct Communities within the Middle School (two in Year 7 and two in Year 8) - about 720 students. Each Year 7 and 8 Community has its own unique "home" in the purpose-built Middle School buildings, and is timetabled separately from the others. The communities each have about 120 students, which means they are small enough to ensure that quality relationships can develop between teachers, students and parents.

The spaces in Year 7 and 8 were also designed to be flexible enough to cater for a wide variety of teaching strategies and other uses.

All students in the Middle School have access to the school's specialist facilities for their classes in Physical Education, LOTE, Technology & Enterprise and the Arts.


Teaching Staff

To help with building relationships, and to maximise academic achievement, the students remain in the same Community with the same teachers in Year 7 and 8. Each 'teaching team' is headed by a Community Leader who takes responsibility for the learning, social and emotional development of the students in his or her Community.


Class Groupings

Within each Community in Year 7 and 8 there are four form classes, one for each of the Houses that make up the House System at Mount Lawley Senior High School. Wherever possible students are put in the same House as their other siblings. Year 7 and 8 students are placed in the same class for English, Mathematics, Science, and Humanities & Social Sciences. They remain in these classes with the same team of teachers for two years.

Students are re-grouped for their classes in the other four Learning areas of Health & Physical Education, Languages Other Than English (LOTE), Technology & Enterprise, and the Arts. One of the four classes in each community in Year 7 and 8 will be either a Selective Language Program class or a Specialist Visual and Performing Arts class. There is also one Academic Extension Class in each year. Apart from this classes are not streamed in Year 7 and 8.


Parent Contact

Parents who have any concerns regarding their child are encouraged to contact either the child's Community Leader or Form Teacher.