Middle School - Time Management

As part of their induction to Middle School, our students will look at the following:

  • Knowledge of the location of the people, buildings and resources they will need to access at Mount Lawley SHS.
  • An awareness of the importance of the school diary in their daily life at school and knowledge of how to use it.
  • The capacity to access the school's Information Technology Network and to use Moodle.
  • A willingness to plan their time and what/when/why/ how they should study and complete home learning.
  • An understanding of how to plan and break their time into smaller structured pieces and the ability to set a task to achieve in each learning/ study session to assist their focus, organisation and concentration.
  • A completed Home Learning/ Study Timetable containing their musts, options and required number of home learning/ study sessions and a photocopy of it on the fridge at hometo enable their teachers and parents to assist their efforts.
  • A self-awareness of where their time goes each week and their biggest time wasters - nothing time.