Code of Conduct


All students are expected to comply with the School Code of Conduct. Students at Mount Lawley Senior High School are expected to be accountable for their behaviour and take responsibility for their choices.

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School community


All members of the school community are expected to:

  • conduct themselves in a lawful, ethical, safe and responsible manner that recognises and respects the rights of others.


Student expectations


All students are expected to:

  • participate actively in the school's education program,
  • take responsibility for their behaviour and learning,
  • demonstrate respect for themselves, other members of the school community and the school environment,
  • behave in a manner that respects the rights of others, including the right to learn,
  • cooperate with staff and others in authority, and
  • comply with all DOE and School policies and procedures.


All students are expected to comply with the following:

  • Students will follow all reasonable instructions given by staff members
  • Students will not disrupt classroom learning
  • Violence, aggression, vandalism, and harassment of any kind or pseudo fighting will not be tolerated
    • Automatic suspension for racist harassment
    • Automatic suspension for students who attack other students or instigate fights
    • Automatic suspension for students who participate as unhelpful bystanders to fights
    • Automatic suspension for students who decide to film/capture images of a fight rather than seek help, or those who distribute footage/images or fights.
  • Throwing of food, liquids, containers or littering is not permitted. The school grounds and rooms must be kept free from litter and in a tidy condition.
  • All mobile phones will be turned off and not used in classrooms, the library or other places where the teaching and learning program might be disrupted unless instructed by the teacher. All other electronic devices are not to be used in a classroom without a teacher's permission.
  • No students are allowed in classrooms without the permission of a staff member.
  • Students are accountable for their own behaviour and will abide by ALL policies such as:
    • Positive Behaviour Management Policy
    • Uniform Policy
    • Positive Learning Environment
  • Students will be punctual and appropriately equipped for each class.
  • Students are not permitted in out of bounds areas. These include car parks, staff offices, gardens and any area that is not on school grounds e.g. ECU, Hammer Park.
  • Marking pens and correction fluid are not permitted on school premises.
  • Food deliveries (pizza, Uber Eats etc) are not permitted.
  • Food and drink are not permitted on the ovals, courts, in the gymnasium, in classrooms or the Library. Water is allowed with staff permission.
  • Students will not spit.
  • Stealing from, or interference with any other person's property is not permitted.
  • Bicycles, skateboards & scooters must be parked in the bicycle compound and not be ridden in the school grounds.
  • Students may not remain at school after hours unless under the supervision of a staff member.
  • No student is to talk to outsiders unless that person has been cleared from the Main Administration Office.
  • Students who wish to leave school must bring a note from their parents/guardians and be officially signed out at the Student Attendance Desk.
  • The following are not permitted at school:
    • chewing gum
    • any weapon or other dangerous item
    • aerosol cans
    • any item, as determined by staff, that could threaten the maintenance of good order and personal safety.


Consequences for unacceptable student behaviour


Student behaviour that does not comply with the expected standards and is not acceptable may be given an Individual Behaviour (Engagement) Plan. Individual Behaviour (Engagement) Plans for students will set out the range and level of responses and consequences for student behaviour that is not consistent with the Code of Conduct. Consequences are to be applied to:

  • assist students who exhibit challenging behaviours to accept responsibility for themselves and their actions,
  • allow for re-engagement of the student in the classroom and the school's learning program,
  • provide the opportunity for all students to learn, and
  • ensure the safety of staff and students.


In applying consequences for unacceptable student behaviour, the individual circumstances and actions of the student and the needs and rights of school community members will be considered at all times.
The school will use a range of consequences that are authorised by the Department of Education which may include:

  • Detention (for example; restricted lunch areas)
  • Individual Behaviour (Engagement) Plans - Contracts
  • In School Community Service Interventions (e.g.: yard duty, cleaning graffiti etc.)
  • Suspensions
  • Exclusions
  • Cancellations of enrolment
  • Loss of Good Standing