Andrew Paul
School Chaplain

School Chaplain

Mr Andrew Paul

  • Addresses social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of staff, students and families.
  • Acts as a reference point for members of the school community on religious matters, spiritual issues, values, human relationships and well-being issues.
  • Provides support for grief, family breakdown and other crisis situations.
  • Acts as an advocate for students and/or staff of the school community.
  • Builds links with the local community, agencies, churches and other appropriate networks to support the school community.
  • Assists in special programs for students at educational risk.

As a member of the school's Student Services Team, Andrew the Chaplain's role involves support of all members of the school community. Engagement with the Chaplain's services is voluntary for students.

Andrew's role at the school involves counselling and support of students, staff and families. He also coordinates the school's Bush Ranger Cadet Unit and runs a variety of experiences, from leadership training and inter-school Girls Soccer to the Sea Explorers Program, Carols on the Lawley Lawn and Lawley Alumni. He also works closely with youth workers from a number of local churches to facilitate their involvement in the school.

Andrew is employed by an organisation called YouthCARE, and funded through donations, grants and fundraising in the local community. The Chaplaincy position has in the past (but not currently) funded through the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.

At the local level, Andrew's support committee is called Mount Lawley YouthCARE. This group is made up of representatives from the local Christian churches, the school and the community.

Andrew has been School Chaplain at Mount Lawley SHS since January 1992.

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