The Senior School

Mount Lawley Senior School responds flexibly to the needs of students and provides an innovative, inclusive and adult learning environment. The Senior School approach respects all students and supports them to acquire the skills, knowledge and values to achieve their potential. Mount Lawley Senior School is a showcase for exemplary Secondary Schooling Education in Western Australia.

The school has a strong tradition of academic excellence and the pursuit of high levels of achievement. At the same time we acknowledge the need to accommodate a multitude of career directions and pathways. With this in mind we offer a wide range of options of study for our students including:

• Pathways leading to the University, TAFE and other training institutions;

• Programs that combine school studies with TAFEs, other training providers and work placements.

Mount Lawley Senior High School is at the forefront of curriculum innovation, offering an extensive array of courses aimed at accommodating the diverse needs of our students. The Senior School uses its proud traditional base as a springboard to create an exciting and innovative learning environment for students of the future.

We offer an extensive counselling program for all Year 10 students as they consider their Year 11 and 12 course selections. This counselling is based on selection for success in desired career pathways. All parents are encouraged to engage in this process and to consider the recommendations on course selections as suggested by the classroom teachers. The counselling will continue through to the end of Year 12.