The Honours Society

The school's Honours Society was established in 1982 as a means of recognising the academic achievements of our top students.

The original charter decreed that:

"THIS SOCIETY was established to recognise outstanding scholastic achievement in years eleven and twelve at Mount Lawley. The Society recognises hard work, consistent application and the resulting high standard of excellence in academic achievement. A student really "selects himself" through his attitude and application to his studies in upper school.
To be eligible for membership, a student must achieve a mean average of 420 or above over their entire upper school career at Mount Lawley.

Each new member is given an emblem that is hand-stitched in the original Mount Lawley blue and pink and a silver lapel pin with their name and leaving year engraved on the back."

Since this time, changes have been made to the selection criteria to keep up with the changes in education (eg. the 420 mean average was based on the TAE which ended in 1985).

Throughout its history, however, the Honours Society has always acknowledged those students whose efforts have proved themselves worthy of selection.

Mount Lawley Honours Society 1982

  • Karen Denise Alford
  • Anthony Lakshman Alles
  • Michael Gamini Alles
  • Lee Norman Blyth
  • Stephen John Boland
  • Robert James Campbell
  • Martin John Peter Cebis
  • Tracey Lee Chappell
  • Jo-Anne Cox
  • Morgan Scott Croll
  • Annette Marie Eastabrook
  • Eileen M.C. Fielding
  • Narelle Clare Hadlow
  • Peter William Hayles
  • Peter Joseph Michael Jaskolski
  • Giuseppe Mastrolembo
  • Gillian Diane Mitchell
  • Simon John Musson
  • Susan Jane Ogden
  • Ranko Radomirovic
  • Lesley Ann Ross
  • Deborah Julie Wearne

Mount Lawley Honours Society 1983

  • Diane Acott
  • Ngaire Andrews
  • Monica Bresa
  • Vivian Bruinsma
  • Kevin Burston
  • Susanne Domanski
  • David Franklin
  • Andrew Gruskin
  • Jeremy Hall
  • Caroline Hill
  • Nathan Krasenstein
  • Wai Kuen Leong
  • Claudio Lopresti
  • Leanne Matthews
  • Alana McNee
  • Steven Miotti
  • David Morrison
  • Christian Nelissen
  • Lia Ai Oh
  • Peter Papanaoum
  • Linton Partington
  • Susan Sanders
  • James Steedman
  • Caroline Stewart
  • Domenic Strano
  • Peter Warwick
  • David Zahari-Noh

Mount Lawley Honours Society 1984

  • Rosemary Brown
  • John Georgiou
  • Victoria Hamilton
  • Lisa Hill
  • Gary Hughes
  • Jonathan Kur
  • Mark Leahy
  • Tania Meagher
  • John Mercadante
  • Naomi Ogden
  • Philippa O'Neill
  • Esther Paolo
  • Sara Paterson
  • Boudewijn Roukema
  • Anna Sabadini
  • Lina Stampone
  • Jannet Szymakowski
  • John Szymakowski
  • Karen Williams

Names will be added as time permits ...