Indigenous Education

Aboriginal Excellence Program

Mount Lawley Senior High School has established a program to support the tertiary aspirations of a selective group of Aboriginal students throughout their secondary schooling experience.

The aspects of the Aboriginal Excellence Program are listed below:

  • Quality teaching and learning.
  • Access to strategic support staff- access to tertiary institution mentors.
  • Supportive School leadership.
  • Engaging with parents.
  • Monitoring students progress.
  • Enhanced educational and career prospects.
  • Effective teaching and learning environment that provides opportunities
  • For students to develop their full potential.
  • Targeted homework classes.
  • Personalised learning programs.
  • Strategic partnership with Edith Cowan University and Kurongkuri Katijin Centre.
  • Supportive environment which celebrates Indigenous heritage and diversity.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Students will also have access to a range of career and vocational opportunities during their journey at Mount Lawley Senior High School with parents contributing to their own child's personal plan.

The Aboriginal Excellence Program is consistent with Mount Lawley Senior High School's commitment to supporting the educational aspirations of its diverse student population.

  • The focus is the successful academic / educational outcomes for Aboriginal students:
  • Identifying students with sound academic aptitude.
  • Ensuring those students are located in a high expectations school environment.
  • Developing a personalised learning plan for each student.
  • Providing students with an effective teaching and learning environment.
  • Complementing school programs with tutoring, mentoring, cultural curriculum, career focussed activities - including personalised learning plans.
  • Engaging parents in the children's learning program.
  • Monitoring student progress to ensure appropriate support is provided.

Follow the Dream Program

Follow the Dream is a program to help Indigenous students reach their potential in high school and work towards a university entrance.

Students identified by the program are already showing signs of success within their schooling with high levels of attendance and achievement in NAPLAN and other assessments.

With the right amount of support and encouragement from teachers and the community this thread can be picked up, nurtured and woven into the fabric of a bright future. It's not just up to the students, it's up to everyone.

The program aims to steadily increase the number of Indigenous students completing Year 12 and going on to university. Greater number of Indigenous Australians at university is critical for the greater Australian Community.

A university level education opens doors to satisfying employment opportunities with the prospect of eventually undertaking meaningful work at a highly skilled level. The Follow the Dream Program will help Indigenous students set their sights on such opportunities and help them take the necessary steps to achieving their goals.

Like a ripple spreading through water every Indigenous child realising his or her dream becomes the inspiration of another.

About the Program

All students at secondary school require a great amount of support to be successful during these critical years. Follow the Dream facilitates support to participating students and their families by bringing together the shared wisdom of community members and highly committed teaching staff. Involvement in the program from sectors in the community, including schools and industry has proven to have positive results for students.

The environment fostered at Follow the Dream centres enables these students to develop a sense of ownership and pride in their education. Their obvious satisfaction in being part of the program is evident through improved academic performance, self-esteem, high attendance rates and an eagerness to encourage their friends to take part.

Students selected to join the program will have strong support and a potential for academic success.

Highly experienced teachers manage the day-to-day running of the program and participating families are invited to help "drive it" by taking part in meetings and having a say in deciding on future directions.

Program Plan

The program provides students with:

  • Tutors to assist with homework, study habits and goal setting
  • A documented learning plan
  • A mentor to review their school progress and general well-being.
  • Regular updates on academic performance
  • Career guidance
  • Educational excursions to develop confidence and skills
  • A safe and supported environment to student after school, equipped with computers and educational resources.
  • Regular contact with parents and teachers regarding student academic progress.

To find out more contact the Follow the Dream Outreach Program contact Program Coordinator - Tina Deegan on