Transport Options for Students


  • The healthy, planet friendly option! Please take care crossing any roads on your way to school.


  • In the interest of safety, bikes must not be ridden on the school grounds.
  • Students should also provide a security lock for bike and helmet.
  • Bikes left in areas of the school other than the bike compound will be removed.
  • Bikes should be parked in the designated bike racks.
  • Bike racks are locked at approximately 9.00 am each morning and are unlocked each afternoon at approximately 2.30 pm.
  • Students needing to access the racks between those times (eg. to attend an appointment) are required to obtain a key from either Middle School or Senior School receptions.



Skateboards and Scooters

  • Skateboards and scooters are not permitted to be brought to, or used at, school.


Application for a parking permit is to be made through Student Services. Details of registration number and vehicle must be provided. Student vehicles will be provided with a parking sticker, and should be park in the carpark of Inglewood Oval (entrance from Central Ave). Students who park on Woodsome Street must comply with local government regulations and are liable to receive fines if these are breached. Student cars may not be accessed during the day.


All students are given a SmartRider. If this is lost, stolen or broken a replacement can be ordered at the Main Administration Office at a fee of $10.

Student's formal name and photograph will be used for the SmartRider.

New students/year groups to the school will have their photograph taken during the Photo Day at the beginning of the school year. 

If a student enrols during the school year they will have their photograph taken at the Main Administration Office for the SmartRider and administrative purposes.

Bus behaviour

Misbehaviour on buses which distracts drivers and inconveniences other passengers will not be tolerated. Students who ignore directions on behaviour will be denied the right to travel on school buses. Students failing to stand for adults will not be entitled to travel on SmartRider fare for a period of 30 days. Please note that discounted travel on buses requires an official bus pass. (SmartRider) 

Bus Routes

There are a number of Transperth routes that either start or finish at Mount Lawley SHS on Stancliffe Street. For a summary of what is available have a look at the Official Transperth Guide for Mount Lawley Senior High School.


  • Route 406 - Glendalough Train Station (depart 7:52am) to Stancliffe Street (arrive 8:12am).
  • School Special 725 (department Maylands Station 8.08am) to Stancliffe Street (arrive 8.20am)


Stancliffe Street - Stand 1

  • Route 980 to Elizabeth Quay Bus Station at 3.10pm

Stancliffe Street - Stand 2

Stancliffe Street - Stand 3

Bradford Street

  • Route 406 to Glendalough Train Station at 3.10pm and 3.23pm

Students are also reminded of new bus stops (Stop 28490 and Stop 28491) on Central Avenue near Beaufort Street that are already in operation with School Special 725 serving them in the morning and afternoon.

There are also various other bus routes operating that travel close to Mount Lawley SHS and pass down North Street and Alexander Drive and the Transperth web site should be consulted for more detailed information on these.

The bus timetable for Edith Cowan University is also a handy reference.