STEAM at Mount Lawley



STEAM is an approach to learning that combines the areas of Science, Technologies, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics, bringing these spaces together as a way to guide student inquiry, dialogue, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. Through STEAM, Mount Lawley Senior High School students are equipped with a greater opportunity of understanding and enhancing student's natural creativity, problem solving and critical analysis capabilities.

Project based problem solving develops teamwork as well as independent thinking and initiative. Ensuring clear communication and encouraging a safe environment for students to think outside the box and feel that their curiosity about the world around them is important and they are empowered to change it, for the better.

We are living in the Digital Era, and digital literacy is an important language for students that allows them to identify, understand and use confidently, creatively and critically to meet the demands and challenges of life and learning. A STEAM approach to digital literacy assists students with developing these skills and supports them in upskilling in the areas of computer aided design through creative avenues, such as product development and prototyping. year-9-plastics.jpg

Having a 'STEAM way of thinking' supports student independence in taking ownership of their learning journey.


With the way our world is progressing, 75% of all new future jobs will require skills in STEM. 50% of current jobs with skill shortages are in STEM fields. The demand for people to think outside-the-box, work collaboratively and autonomously is increasing. It is crucial to equip and nurture our students with these skills.




STEAM takes STEM to the next creative level; it allows students to connect their learning in these areas together with the support of arts practices and initiative. Moving forward, with the integration of Mount Lawley Senior High School and WAAPA, the movement of our school is the Arts. Having the Arts support the STEM way of thinking ensures no limitations and that students are made aware of all areas being of equal importance, that they go hand-in-hand with each other and that no learning space is an island. All elements of STEAM are significant in exploring, understanding and problem-solving for meaningful learning and growth. year-9-jewellery.jpg