Mount Lawley High School opened in 1955 although it was not to move to the buildings in Woodsome Street until 1956. The first 400 students were housed at the old Highgate Infants School in Bulwer Street under the Principalship of Mr. James Best. Meanwhile, on part of the burnt out Scadden Pine Plantation ( and the rehabilitated rubbish dump site ) construction was underway on the first phase of the new buildings.

1960 was a year to remember for Mount Lawley High School. In that year it took the first class of year 11 students thus becoming a Senior High School and one of the largest schools in the State with a population of over 1300 students.

1971 was another significant year for Mount Lawley Senior High School, as it was in that year that it was developed into a Special Language School.


In the fifty-year span of Mount Lawley Senior High School there have been many changes in education, buildings and personalities. The latest major change is the rebuilding of the School which was announced by the Minister for Education in November 2001.

A significantly different years 8 - 12 campus will be provided on the existing school site. The design and organisation of the facilities on the new campus provides exciting opportunities to create more flexible and innovative learning environments to meet the educational needs of all students.

During 2004 the face of Mount Lawley Senior High School changed dramatically. The Middle School Buildings were completed, occupied by Year 8 and 9 students and officially opened by the Minister for Education, Mr Alan Carpenter on November 10, 2004. The Middle School facilities and educational programs were acknowledged as the way forward for government schools.

Also during 2004 the Tricycle Theatre and the Sport and Fitness Centre (a joint facility with Edith Cowan University) were completed.

At the beginning of 2005, Science, Visual Arts, Food Technology, Textiles and Human Development relocated to the new specialist facilities building.

At the beginning of 2006 the new Senior School, Cafeteria, Library and Student Services facilities were completed. Groundworks and landscaping, including new turf on the ovals, was also completed.