School Psychologist


The School Psychologist's role within the school is to work with staff, parents and students to assist students in achieving to their potential. Our school psychologists are:



Ms Gwen Breadmore

Years 7 & 8

Tuesday & Thursday


Mr Stephen Moore

Years 9, 10, 11 & 12

Monday - Friday


The School Psychologist works at a number of levels:


With the Department

The School Psychologist assists in the promotion and continuing development of Departmental policy and procedures which include assisting in and consulting on:

  • the management of Students at Educational Risk (SAER);
  • Health and well-being programs;
  • Student engagement and participation;
  • Behaviour Management in Schools;
  • Inclusive Education Practices;
  • Child Protection;
  • Crisis Management.

Whole of School

The School Psychologist works with staff in planning and delivering programs such as study skills, transition, promoting positive peer relations and life skills.

The psychologist is also involved in the development of school policy in areas like social-emotional well-being, crisis management, and students at educational risk.

With Individuals

At this level, the School Psychologist works with referred students who require more intensive support.

This work may involve psychological assessment and specific therapeutic approaches such as counselling students on a variety of personal, social and emotional issues.

The Psychologist also works individually with parents to support them in their role and staff members who may want to access resources or seek support and advice.

The School Psychologist also consults and liaises with other health/welfare agencies and creates collaborative networks.