Vision Statement for the Arts @ Lawley

The Arts is about creativity and expression.

We develop individuality by exploring authentic ideas, providing students with the skills to transform them into a reality for all to see, hear and experience. We make learning accessible, fun, rewarding, thought provoking and meaningful. We want to excite students to think, create and perform. We aspire to lessen ignorance, embrace other cultures, listen, observe with open hearts and minds, experiment and transform. We inspire our students to want to learn.

We work together through collaboration. We discuss ideas, share skills and processes, providing cross-curricular perspectives and sharing insights and we work with the community to showcase our creative talents.

We believe in the imagination and where it can take us. We believe everyone has the potential to be creative, or at least gain pleasure from the Arts. We believe all students can succeed and that learning is ongoing and essential to the individual and crucial in social development and understanding. We believe everyone needs an Arts education.

We believe in the heart and mind. We understand the intellect and emotional realms. We understand that 'one size does not fit all' and are committed to providing an Arts education which embraces diversity, multiple intelligences and key concepts which develop students potential.

We understand that developing skill takes time and practice. We understand that taking risks is challenging but we are there to support and guide. We understand the whole person and the individual.

We are committed to innovation and the development of potential. We are committed to the journey. We are committed to liberating. We are committed to fostering the creativity of all through an enriched experiences and a quality Arts education.

Our staff are talented, professional, supportive, dedicated, passionate, experienced and inspirational. We are interested in being contemporary and critical. We are interested in new ideas and getting students to look beyond themselves to explore. We are interested in diverse activities, new platforms of expression, ideas and risk-taking, as well as, promoting self-discovery.

We ask questions such as 'How do you transform the ordinary?', 'What is beauty?', 'Who am I?' and 'What's my place in the world?'.

We explore the real and the imagined. We explore possibilities. We explore the known, the unknown and everything in between. We explore our own existence.

We support play. We support different ideas and opinions. We support discovery. Importantly, we support each other.

We expect students to participate to the best of their ability. We expect passion. We expect open minds, responsibility, participation, honesty and trust. We expect commitment, passion and action. We expect excellence.

Our programs are unique, rich, challenging and contemporary. We are leaders in contemporary innovation and our standards are first class. We aim to continually inspire our future generation of creative thinkers.

Our vision is to engineer the imagination, by developing aesthetic awareness and visual sensibilities. We wish to continually inspire creative and original thought, in our quest to transform students to become aware, compassionate, creative and illuminated young adults.