Parent Support Committees

Mount Lawley Senior High School's Parent Support Committees are informal groups that give the time and energy to enrich education. They are subcommittees of the school's P & C Association. Many parents choose an activity or event that works for them to support the goals of the group.


GAT Committee

The GAT Committee helps to support students in the Gifted and Talented Program and teachgers to achieve incredible things together.

Through social events, the commitee aims to build community, create opportunities and provide funding for special requests for the program.


Music Support Committee

This is an informal, low-key working group that supports the music staff in making the music program the best it can be for our children.

The committee provides assistance at concert performances by preparing and selling concert tickets, being ushers and co-ordinating interval supper.

They also organise events such as the Music Soiree to ensure parents hear about music opportunities and raise funds to provide valuable teaching resources.


SVAPA Support Committee

SVAPA (Specialist Visual & Performing Arts) Support Committee parents are actively involved in the SVAPA program. Through their participation and fundraising the school has been able to extend the students' experiences with workshops, visiting artists and camps.

The committee is well known for providing succulent suppers for performance nights and preparing food for students and staff at workshops.


Lawley Art Auction Committee

The Lawley Art Auction is a prestigious annual event held in June of each year. Annually it raises funds of up to $20,000 which was distributed equally between the SVAPA and Music programs. This money provides critical funding for our very talented children.

This event is spectacular and a lot of fun. Volunteers very welcome.


Health Committee

The aim of the Health Committee is to promote physical and mental well-being within the whole school community. The committee meets regularly to discuss a range of health subjects.

The committee is actively involved in the MLSHS Health Expo and assists with the set-up, running of the activities and provides back-up to staff.