Our Parent Owned Laptop Computer Program


This is a summary of the Parent Owned Laptop Computer Program. For full details please read the Parent Owned Laptop Use Policy.


All students will bring their own laptops to school for classroom use.

We recommend a MacBook/MacBook Air, particularly for students taking courses in Media, Music or Photography, however a Windows laptop will be acceptable providing it meets the minimum requirements as outlined in the Parent Owned Laptop Use Policy.

A MacBook has all the software programs that are needed for use in class, such as Pages (similar to Word/Publisher), Keynote (similar to PowerPoint), Numbers (similar to Excel ) however Microsoft Office with the full suite of products like Word, PowerPoint and Excel are available via the Self Service app.





In addition to your laptop, the following accessories should be considered essential:

  • Protective cover/case
  • External Hard Drive for backing up the hard drive.


Buying your MacBook Air/Pro


Details about where to purchase, which models are available are available on the Purchasing Your MacBook Air/Pro section of our website.


brc_3844.jpgCharging Your Laptop


It is the student's responsibilty to bring their laptop to school FULLY charged EACH day.

They will not be able to bring their chargers to school to recharge.


Protecting Your Laptop


The laptop needs to have a protective cover/case to protect the laptop.


Backing Up


Ensure that students have an external drive to back up their work using 'Time Machine" application which is on the MacBook Air/Pro.

This external drive should ONLY be used for this purpose.

Make sure that this external drive is kept at home and NOT brought to school.

Also ensure that a regular back up are done, it is suggested daily - so at the end of the day the student comes home, recharges their MacBook Air/Pro and backs up their work on the external drive using Time Machine. EVERY school day.


Further Information


All the information relating to MacBook Air/Pro laptops usage for students/parents can be found in the Parent Owned laptop policy that was distributed to all parents.

Choice Magazine have a review of low-cost laptops, including the MacBook Air/Pro. An introduction is available for free, and the full review can be accessed by Choice members.


Acceptable Use Agreement


Students will not be able to access the school Internet or any other ICT at the school until the Acceptable Use Agreement is signed and returned to the Main Administration Office.