Mount Lawley Coffee Club

Drop off the kids at school, and then join us in the school's Café for a chat. The friendly staff operate a proper barista coffee machine

When is it on?

Wednesday mornings of the even weeks of term (eg. Week 2, 4, 6, etc), between about 8:45am and 10:15 - come for all of the time, or some.

What is it for...

Parents, along with some staff members join together for a relaxing cup of coffee.
There is no formal agenda, but plenty of opportunity to meet people and to find out about the school.
Feel free to ask questions of other parents, or those staff who visit - Andrew the Chaplain has become quite good at fielding hoards of questions, as well as coming back with answers next time when he doesn't know the answer.
The school has also appreciated the feedback it has received through the group - it has been a great opportunity to pass on our positive experiences, as well as our difficulties.

How it works

As with all schools, you do have to sign in at the main administration to be able to stay on the school grounds. It is fairly quick and painless, you get a free yellow visitors sticker (which you can keep), and it enables the school to address its safety and care responsibilities.
Then all you do is join us in the Café.
A full and proper coffee machine means that your coffee requirements are available for purchase.
All we ask is that the Café is clear in time for the Middle School's Lunch One, and so people usually leave around 10:15am.
Please sign out on the way home ... and we will see you again in two weeks!

Your Coffee Club Convenors
Andrew Paul (School Chaplain)
Jade Browning (Healthy Active Coordinator) 

The Coffee Club is hosted by the School's Student Services.