Mount Lawley Senior High School Student Seeks Funding for Overseas International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)


dsc_9491-joshua.jpgSchool Captain Joshua Abordi is seeking funding for his STEM project, which has been selected as one of nine projects to form the AUSSEF team to represent Australia and travel to present their work at ISEF 2024 in Los Angeles.

In his project "Resistors, Fractals, and Infinity" Joshua delves into the abstract mathematics that emerge when resistors -a simple electronic component used in almost every electronic device- are arranged into grids and lattices that stretch on infinitely. Throughout his exploration of this problem Joshua developed mathematical methods for representing these abstract structures and for calculating physical values associated with them. Whilst this may all seem very abstract, the methods that Joshua has developed may find use in a variety of fields, from the design of antennas -like those found in your phone- to the development of irrigation systems to water crops and, hydrate livestock.

Joshua would be the first Western Australian student to compete at ISEF in the over 20 years that Australia has participated in the competition.

Your donation towards these expenses is tax-deductible in Australia thanks to the auspicious support of the Royal Society of Victoria, one of Australia's longest-established science societies, a registered charity and a Deductible Gift Recipient for tax purposes in Australia. This is a wonderful opportunity to help bright young people overcome economic barriers and foster their further achievements—we would be so grateful for your support.


The Australian Science & Engineering Fair (AUSSEF): Since 1999, 177 Australian finalists have participated in the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), the world's largest pre-college student science competition convened by the USA's Society for Science. Of these Australian finalists, 55 have won Grand awards totalling USD $168,350 and 36 have won Sponsored Awards and Scholarships.

AUSSEF was urgently established in September 2022 by a group of passionate volunteers to provide Australia's only national ISEF-affiliated science and engineering fair and a pathway for our most talented and high performing STEM students to represent Australia at ISEF.


Corporate sponsorship is also being sought. To learn more about AUSSEF, head to our website

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