Second Hand Uniform Winter Update … May 2024


Hi everyone. Just a small update for those of you keen to get winter uniform from the 2nd Hand Uniform shop.

Winter Uniform is very popular, and has been for a month or two already … which means much of it has been selling quickly for some time.



One of the most requested items is the crew-necked fleece lined Windcheater. The Wincheater is a relatively new item to our School Uniform. It wasn't bought by the Year 12's when it came out because they have their own Year 12 Jacket, and the students who did buy it new when it came out (from Year 7 to 11 last year) are all still at school and wearing it. We don't expect to see it start hitting 2 nd Hand until part way into 2025 - which is next winter. At the moment, you will only get a School Windcheater from the New Uniform Shop.

The only items we have that are similar are the School Jacket (which we have plenty of, but not in all sizes) or the School knitted jumper (which we have plenty of).

The other requested item is the Long Pants. There is only one type, the tracksuit style lined pants, which are very popular with the students. This means a few things … many students keep them and continue to wear them after leaving the school (so we don't get many), and when they do come in they sell very quickly. The most we have ever had in stock is about 8 or 9 and that doesn't last long. We have 3 at the moment, and our options are usually in very large or very small sizes only.

White Polo Shirts (Year 9, 10, 11 & 12) are very low in stock. I think that this is largely because students wear them through Years 9 to 12, and they are not always in great condition by the end of that period. They often don't get donated, or we can't put them up for sale. At the moment we have virtually none of them. You will have to access them new. Blue Polo Shirts (Year 7 and 8) are plentiful.




uniform-thumbnail.pngStudents can always come up to Student Services and ask to access the 2nd Hand Uniform during a lunchtime. Often this is the best way for them to check if something is available in their size, rather than having a parent coming in and then not knowing if things will fit.

Alternatively parents can arrange a time with Andrew the Chaplain to come in and have a look. Andrew is more than happy to help you, but does have other responsibilities and roles within the school, which means he is not available 100% of the time. Please make a call, or email him at to arrange a time.

We do always have stock coming in, so things can change quickly, but we hope that this update helps.