P&C AGM: Support Required


The P&C AGM  is on Monday 25th March 2024 at 5.30pm at the Main Administration building.


Calling all parents and carers of Mount Lawley Senior High School to attend this pivotal P & C meeting.

It's important we have all positions filled, as the subcommittees (SVAPA, GAT, MUSIC & LAA) won't be able to operate without the main school P&C committee.


Please see below for the roles of the committee members.



(current President will not be continuing after the 25th March meeting so we are in need of a new President)

  • Convenes the meetings and sets the agenda
  • Sends out updates and reminders
  • Liaises with the heads of departments regarding any school matters
  • Presents reports to P&C general meetings
  • Is an Ex-Officio member of all P&C Committees


Vice President

  • In the absence of the President, the Vice-President convenes the meetings and sets the agenda
  • Assists the President
  • WACSSO representative
  • Prepares as a potential successor to the existing President


Secretary - History is in the hands of the writer (this can be a 2 person role and it looks like we have someone to take the minutes at the meetings but we need an additional person to do the behind the scenes)

  • Responsible for the attendance list at meetings and the taking of minutes.
  • Minutes are sent to the Chairperson of the meeting for vetting and distribution.
  • Sends out updates and reminders
  • Receives correspondence and writes any necessary letters
  • Prepares Agenda for meetings to be vetted by President
  • Maintains a register of P&C Members (Names and Addresses)
  • Maintains a register of P&C Office Bearers (Names and Addresses)
  • Submit to WACSSO and the School Principal the P&C Office Bearers (General Committee only) by Apr 30


Treasurer - Best to like numbers! (this can also be a 2 person role)

  • Prepares report for P&C general meetings
  • Preparation / Review / Authorisation of payments
  • Keeps the committee (and sub-committees) accountable for all financial dealings
  • Present audited accounts to the AGM. Also the Principal and WACSSO by Apr 30.



  • The auditor is responsible for auditing the accounts. They are appointed by a meeting of the General Committee. The auditor needs to possess bookkeeping or accounting skills. It is not necessary to be a qualified auditor.


Website Coordinator

  • The Website Coordinator is responsible for maintaining this P&C website.
  • A key part of this role is maintaining the minutes of all the committees. Under our constitution, minutes are to be kept indefinitely. There is no store of hard copies of minutes (or correspondence unless it is enclosed in the minutes) so this website becomes the permanent record of the minutes.
  • The Website Coordinator is also responsible for maintaining the registration of the domain. The cost of that is a minor reimburseable expense but still needs to be approved by the P&C in advance.
  • The other aspect of the website is to provide helpful information to parents (hence the FAQs, News, Links, Contacts, documents and other information).

 Mailing List Coordinator

  • The Mailing List Coordinator is responsible the regular and timely compilation and distribution of emails to the parents/guardians.
  • Perhaps the biggest part of this job is liaising with many people to get information, vet it for correctness and distribute it.
  • At the beginning of each year, they will correspond with the school's Vice-Principal to obtain the email addresses of the parents who indicated they wish to receive P&C email. There is a field for this on the student enrolment form.
  • Naturally, they need to comply with spamming laws (e.g., provide an unsubscribing mechanism).
  • This role has historically been done by the Website Coordinator but it can easily be separated into two separate roles.


Committee Members

  • Attend meetings to be kept informed and contribute ideas.
  • Provide help when needed.