2024 School Photos


Your school photo day is coming! Photographs will be taken from Tuesday 6 February to Thursday 8 February.  All individual student photos and special group photos will be taken during that period, please ensure your child is in the correct uniform, SPORTS SHIRTS will not be acceptable. Please refer to the school uniform requirements which are listed in the school’s student diary (page 20).

Tuesday          6 Feb - Years 7 & 8

Wednesday    7 Feb - Years 11 & 12 & ALL GROUPS

Thursday        8 Feb - Years 8, 9 & 10

School Photo Schedule


The school has a unique code and EACH student has a unique ID which will be on a paper slip that the student will bring home after their photograph is taken. If the student loses/misplaces the slip, parents/carers will need to contact the school.

Order EARLY for discount photo day prices.

Order your individual photos by Thursday 29 February to receive discount photo day prices. Late orders are handled separately to the school delivery and incur a $30 custom service charge.


Website information:

  1. Log into the website to order the school photos. https://kapture.com.au
  2. Enter school code
  3. View the packages and pricing information (website has additional information)
  4. Proceed to order (you will need your unique student ID)
photos-1.png photos-2.png


Other information

The school group photos will be ordered at another time, the school will be in touch when these are available to view and purchase on the Kapture website.


Kapture offers a money-back guarantee for any parent who is not fully satisfied with their photo package. Should you have any queries before or after photo day, please check the FAQ’s on the Kapture website.


All students will be photographed individually on photo day for school administration records AS WELL as included in their class group presentation available for purchase to all families. Should there be any reason why your child should NOT be included in the photo shoot –please contact the school office.

If COVID is still active in WA: For the duration of Covid-19 in WA, please be aware that Kapture are following all recommended health guidelines and safe practices. Our photographers are acutely aware of the evolving situation surrounding Covid-19 and abide by each individual school's Covid-19 policies. Where possible, the photographers will use verbal queues and instructions in an effort to uphold our high standard of student presentation. Students may be instructed by photographers to use single use sterile combs, wet wipes or tissues or to fix their own collars, buttons and stray hairs.