Young Women in Public Affairs Award


20230809_205818.jpgIn early August, Year 12 student Nikita, 12F3, was one of the three finalists in the prestigious Young Women in Public Affairs Award sponsored by ZONTA. This organisation supports and promotes young women in business and public affairs. This award recognises young women, ages 16-19, who have demonstrated leadership skills and commitment to public service and civic causes. It encourages them to continue their participation in public and political life. Nikita’s accomplishments reflect her dedication and hard work and highlight our young students’ incredible potential.

Nikita’s journey as a finalist in the ZONTA competition is a shining example of her passion, commitment, and determination. As an amazing ambassador for our school, Nikita spoke passionately about her aspirations to become a human rights lawyer and/or a diplomat and a deep desire to make a meaningful impact on the world. Nikita delivered a powerful speech that resonated with everyone present. She shared her admiration for Sam Kerr, the nation’s favourite and the woman who inspired her the most. She drew parallels between Sam’s ground-breaking career and her own experiences. Nikita’s choice reflects her resilience in the face of adversity, much like Sam Kerr’s journey in the world of football. Unsurprisingly, Nikita’s passion for football and determination to overcome challenges have made her a guiding light for younger players as a coach. Her commitment to making a difference in this field is truly inspiring. Congratulations Nikita.

Sunila Singh | HASS Teacher