International Women's Day


Wednesday 8th of March was the 2023 annual International Women's Day. The Year 12 Prefects were invited to a breakfast run by Business News and supported by Methodist Ladies Collage (MLC). The theme for this year was 'Embrace Equity in Education & Employment', which is about the inclusivity of all people in a workplace environment, not just focusing on women's progress specifically. The morning was informative and a lovely way to learn about female identity, how it affects you in the workforce, and see the immense support the day has. The Prefects met strong female leaders in government. They were honoured to participate in such a prestigious and fantastic event. Thank you to Simon Millman MLA for making this opportunity possible for us as Year 12 leaders.



Pictured in photo are: (L-R) Mia W, Kate F, Lena N, Tahlia-Rae W, Isabelle L, Florrie W, Taylah B, Laura T

Teacher: Brittany Henry (2nd from right)