North of the River Basketball Champions

On Tuesday, 13 September, the Girls' Junior Basketball team competed in the School Sports North of the River Finals at Bendat Basketball Stadium after winning the Central Conference competition a few weeks ago.


The girls were fantastic coming up against some strong specialist basketball schools in the region. They were fierce enough to progress through yesterday's final, which they won!!! So they are now the North of the River Junior Champions and progress to the SSWA Junior Championship Schools Grand Final game next Tuesday afternoon.


Congratulations all of them, and wish them luck for the Grand Final!


  1. Ashleigh (Year 9)
  2. Addison (Year 9)
  3. MacKenzie (Year 7)
  4. Lottie (Year 9)
  5. Bridget (Year 9)
  6. Bronte (Year 9)
  7. Anneka (Year 9)
  8. Cadence (Year 9)
  9. Kenzie (Year 9)
  10. Eloise (Year 9)

Scorer: Kate (Year 11)

Referee: Ella (Year 12)

Maddie Morskate | Health & Physical Education Teacher

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