GRIP Leadership Conference


screen-shot-2022-06-01-at-5.25.25-pm.pngThe Year 10 councillors luckily had the opportunity to attend the Grip Leadership Conference held at Perth Convention Centre with the support of Edith Cowan University. GRIPLEADERSHIP is a national student leadership training Organisation.  We learned various skills, including having integrity as a leader, finding new opportunities for a cohort, working effectively as a team and many more courses. The conference provided us with a handbook filled with fun activities and notes to take back to our school and put our new skills into practice.


The delivery was extremely enjoyable and captivating with segments such as loud noises, keeping the audience on our toes, and interacting with other schools to find out what we as student leaders could do better. I highly recommend other student leaders attend this leadership convention in the future as it was very informative and enjoyable, giving us the skills, we need to have to lead our cohort successfully.


Ashanti | Year 10 Councillor