Round 1 2022 Mock Trial Competition


Round 1 in the Mock Trial Competition for 2022 is now complete and Mount Lawley completed a clean sweep, winning all three trials. Monday May 9 - Thursday May 12 saw three Mountt Lawley teams compete over three nights, against teams from Duncraig Senior High School, Kingsway Christian College and St James Anglican College at the Old Courthouse Museum in Perth.


The teams (comprised of Year 10 and 11 students) played the role of the Defence in a criminal matter, with the Prosecution alleging that our client, a 67 year old pensioner, had stolen items from his neighbour, including toilet paper, coins and $500. The students had to learn rules of evidence, courtroom etiquette and then decide how they would use the facts in the witness statements to create their case theory.


They have been preparing for this trial for about 10 weeks, attending after school meetings and working online over many additional hours to prepare for their case. They are assisted in these preparations with the help of the volunteer lawyer coach, Dino Todorov, who has been coaching teams at Mount Lawley for the last 4 years. His expertise is invaluable. The students have made huge gains in understanding of the law, as well as teamwork, and then had to get it all right on the night to come away with their well-deserved wins.


Team 1-  a very strong victory, scoring very highly with the judge and demonstrating excellent teamwork.

Barristers Angela (Year 10) and Joshua (Year 10), Solicitor- Indigo (Year 10), Witnesses Zoe (Year 10) and Naaman (Year 10), Judge's Associate- Sophie (Year 10), Reserves- Alex (Year 10), Shirin (Year 10), Aryan (Year 10), Mikaeel (Year 10) and Hana (Year 10).


Team 2- our more experienced team, showcasing their fantastic advocacy skills against a very skilful Prosecution team

Barristers: Indigo (Year 11) and Nikita (Year 11), Solicitor Harriet (Year 10), Witnesses Claire (Year 11) and Aliyah (Year 11), Judge's Associate Abigail (Year 10), Reserves Mia (Year 11), Regina (Year 11), Katie (Year 11) and Priya (Year 11).


Team 3- a team had to deal with late changes, but triumphed in adversity, showing the depth of their preparation.

Barristers Gabriel (Year 10), Alex (Year 10), Solicitor Mallissaa (Year 10), Witnesses Tommy (Year 10), Seth (Year 10), Judge's Associate Belis (Year 10), Reserves; Elena (Year 10), Kate (Year 10), Isabella (Year 10), Elizabeth (Year 10) and Sofia (Year 10)


Ms Linden and Ms Galavan congratulate all teams on their success and we look forward to starting our preparations for Round 2, as soon as we can.