Congratulations to our Interschool Swim Team


On Thursday, March 17th, our Interschool Swim team competed in the SSWA B Division Carnival held at HBF Stadium. The goal was to finish in the top two schools in order to move up tp the 'A' division for 2023. Many unexpected changes were made to the school swim team on the day due to COVID-19 illness. The school provided additional COVID procedures ensuring all students participated in a safe environment at the Interschool Carnival.

In what turned out to be a close competition for the entire day, the carnival came down to the realys with the top 3 schools only separated by 20 points, with each relay win worth 24 points. Upon completion, Mount Lawley Senior High School managed to gain 2nd place by 12 points.

Congratulations to all team members, especially those brought into the team at the last minute to cover illnesses. Special mention to the Champions of the Day.




Year 8 Girls: Charlie

Year 9 Boys: Jack

Year 10 Girls: Rosa

Year 11 Girls: Jazmine

Runner-up / 3rd place


Year 7 Boys: Adam

Year 10 Boys: Taig

Year 11 Boys: Cronan

Year 12 Girls: Mitchell