International Women's Day Speed Mentoring

On International Women's Day, 5 Year 11 students represented Mount Lawley Senior High School at the Equal Opportunity Commission Speed Mentoring Event in Albert Facey House Perth. This was an opportunity to speak with female leaders of various professions about their experiences and their careers. Students had ten minutes per mentor and learnt about their challenges and how they overcame them as professionals. It exposed students to a range of professions and opened eyes to opportunities that may be available when they leave school. A lot of these mentors expressed that they learnt from a young age what they wanted to do, and they demonstrated to the students that by choosing a pathway you love you can continue to enjoy and develop yourself decades later.


We were all quite nervous at the prospect of being confined in a room and forced to speak for over an hour with complete strangers, however we found once we started, the mentors were really encouraging and supportive of our ideas about our school life and aspirations for the future.


We walked away from the event with new-found knowledge and connections with people who we'd never expect to have had the privilege to meet.


Well done to Matilda, Milla Bukilic, Tea, Amy and Karishma for representing the school.

Written by Tea and Karishma | Edited by Ms Robinson