New Bikelinc Strategy


Bikelinc is a Crime Stoppers WA strategy endorsed by the WA Police Force in response to over 9000 reported bicycle thefts in Western Australia each year for the past five years. The initiative is strongly supported by the wider Western Australian cycling community, bicycle retailers, local governments and community organisations.

While police officers have been successful in recovering and retrieving bicycles, they have had difficulty returning them to their owners. This was mainly due to owners not having enough information to supply to police when they report a bicycle theft.

Bikelinc is now the first search option for police officers when they come across bikes in various situations.

Users can create a free Bikelinc profile which allows them to add the details and serial number of their bicycle, including photos, into a virtual bike rack. There is no limit to how many bicycles can be uploaded.

Police officers and other members of the community can search the database for a serial number should a bicycle come into their possession. Pre-purchase checks on serial numbers can be made if buying a second-hand bicycle, and WA Police can confirm bicycle ownership. If the bicycle they search is listed as lost or stolen, users are able to anonymously message the rightful owner through Bikelinc to make arrangements to return the bicycle, although they will not see the owner's details.

Set up your profile or watch a short video on how to get started on the Bikelinc website.