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Mount Lawley Year 12 student Felicity competed at this Year’s WA BMX Championships at Rockingham BMX Club from 9-10 Oct 2020.

At the WA BMX National Championships, Felicity being 17years old had a choice to make before the event to nominate in the Championship class (elite) or challenge class (age). She decided to compete in the championship class of Jr Elite woman (17&18yr) however due to lack of numbers the Junior and Senior elite were combined.

Felicity finished 1st in the class which makes her the best female rider in WA, and being a Junior this is a remarkable feat.

Felicity’s home track is the HILLS BMX CLUB in Lesmurdie, and now as an elite rider, she is in a small group of riders in Australia (20-25) that have an opportunity to be selected to represent Australia at the World Titles and the Olympic teams.


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