The Chinese Bridge (Hanyu Qiao) Chinese Proficiency Regional, State and national competition encourages secondary and university students to improve their Chinese by taking part in an annual worldwide Chinese speaking and performance competition.

 The Global Finals attract over 200 students from over 100 nations each year. The Chinese Bridge (Hanyu Qiao) Chinese Proficiency Competition is the largest international Chinese language competition in the world. Students aged 15 years and over who do not speak Chinese as a first language take part to demonstrate their language proficiency, knowledge of China, and skill in a cultural performance such as music or art.

 The competition was held online due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions, which also created additional IT connection challenges for Year 11 student Suu Kyi; however, despite these Suu Kyi was successful with her comprehension test and her cultural singing performance. Special thanks go to UWA Confucius Institute Chinese Language Support Assistant, Miki Yan who helped Suu Kyi improve her Mandarin skills to a competitive standard.

 Suu Kyi won a place in regional finals, and then the National Finals, in August, where she represented WA, she came second. Suu Kyi now will be representing Australia in the Global Finals of the Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition.

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