Suu Kyi's and Georgie's Artwork selected for META Exhibition

META is an annual exhibition to acknowledge & promote the excellence and originality achieved by senior secondary school students in art and design studies.

A record breaking 167 entries from a record breaking 54 schools across Catholic, Independent and Government system/sectors. Despite all the disruption of 2020, these ladies have excelled in the production of their work.

This artwork can be viewed from 3 - 22 August 2020

Opening times M-F 10.00-16.30, SAT TBC).

Located at META gallery central

North Metropolitan TAFE

12 Aberdeen St, Northbridge   94271318

Suu Kyi's work received an honourable mention at the ceremony as she was  the Runner Up Artist from the exhibition
Also, Year 12 student Georgie had her artwork displayed at META.
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Catalogue entry: Underneath the Mask, Inkjet print on canvas Catalogue entry: Social Beings, Watercolour on paper
My artwork illustrates the masking of our natural personalities to conform to social pressures or abuse. I chose a young female as my subject matter as they are the most likely to mask their experiences more than any other demographic due to female adolescents being the most affected by society's pressure to conform to social norms and repress negative emotions that are not considered socially acceptable. I incorporated a contrast in saturation between the greyscale and pigmented hues along with high tonal variation to depict the difference between concealed and expressed emotions, an act that everyone partakes in, to some degree. My artwork consists of a series of watercolour portraits. The individual portraits were to depict people who are close to me in environments that reflect their personalities. Some portraits featured more than one person as to show the influence of friendships and relationships on personality. The medium of watercolour appealed most to me as it allowed me to build layers of paint that created depth that otherwise wouldn't be achievable.