School Instagram Impersonation Account

Our school Instagram is having a few issues at the moment.

An account which appears to be from the school has been set up by someone.

Over recent weeks and months we have asked them to take down their account, but they have not.

They have been taking photos from our school facebook page and pretending to represent the school, and over the weekend have actually accused the school account of being fraudulent.

It appears that a number of members of our school community have inadvertently liked their account.

So, to be clear, the actual school account is:


The fake account that is not run by us is:


We would appreciate if members of our school community could disconnect from their instagram account so as not to give them any more credibility.

We will continue our work with Instagram to take down this account and have contacted the Education Department who will be taking further action on our behalf.

This message will appear on our Facebook, Instagram and web pages.

Thanks for your help