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Tiny Works is a series of small site-specific performances crafted and curated for an audience of one. It can vary from action packed sagas, to intimate serenity, to wondrous storytelling to choose your own adventures. Sometimes you are a part of the work and sometimes you just watch. It’s a beautiful, funny, scary, marvelous little journey.

This is a Year 9 Specialist Visual and Performing Arts (SVAPA) performance.


The Ballad of Black Jack - by Will, Una & Jack

Ever wanted to be a Wild West gunslinger? Well say no more partner, it’s your first day on the job as Sheriff and infamous Black Jack has escaped from prison! 

Dead in ‘89 - by Grace and Rebecca

An 80s throwback to the max. By viewing this decade through the eyes of two teenagers, what has the world learned and become?

So like are you an airhead? not even, so come to this totally rad show, major.

Cabin Fever - by Netta

Live the visual and auditory experience of a shut-in.  Pass the long hours of the day in a claustrophobic room, discover secrets about your barren yet curious surroundings and fatigued character.

Mall World - by Abbey and Jazuli

An extra terrestrial is lost on our planet, he is helpless, vulnerable and fragile to our world. It is the upmost importance that he returns to his planet amongst the stars - all seems lost but help is on its way.

 The Chase - by Sam, Charlie & Oliver

Join us in a tag along immersive murder mystery as a rookie and solve a case in a series of seemingly unrelated locations and find out who committed the murder 

 Good Kids/Bad Kids - by Jade and Ella

A rebellious student trying to have some fun. A stressed teacher about to snap. Welcome to detention, how will you escape? 3,2,1…Ready or not! Here she comes…


Home - by Max, Ching and Renae

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, look with their eyes, feel with their heart and hear their story. The basic needs of life will be revisited with the purpose to find connection.

Slime Time! - by Sofia and Keiden

Exploring a childhood of paint, shaving foam, poison, and glue! Fun for all and all for fun! 

Something Wicked This Way Comes - by Laine and Maddy

Bubbling, boiling, crushing, croaking, cackling catalysts of mischievous magik! join us through all the warts and wrinkles as we help you solve your most “horrible” problems with potions and spells beyond your moonstruck dreams; but beware, every spell has a consequence.

Legend of Boxworld - by Oscar and Harry

Welcome, hero. This land is run with ruin and despair, and it’s up to you to build a defence for the people of this land. Will you be part of the resistance?

Spiral - by Darcy and Shane

Experience a mind trapped in a world of pain, with barriers and boundaries. How does one find acceptance and peace?

First Day - by Sophie, Angela and Nicola

Welcome to your office temp job. Numerous phone calls, the never-ending tasks, coffee for the boss…. Do you even know who you’re working for?


Mentored by Janet Carter, Joshua Pether, Charlotte Otton and Andrew Sutherland

Coordinated and Curated by Moya Thomas

Production Managed by Natalie Diggins

Ushered and Crewed by the 11 and 12 Certificate II students.


Two programs consisting of six performances each are available.

Two sessions of each program are on offer per night (for example program A will run at 6.30pm and then will run a second time at 7.45). The programs run concurrently; audiences must choose one (for example you can’t book program A and B at the same time).

A single program runs for approx. 1 hour, including walk time and commencement briefing.


Monday 9th – Wednesday 11th of December 6.30-7.30pm and 7.45-8.45pm.

Meet in the foyer of the Tricycle Theatre for your induction. An usher will then guide you to all of your separate site-specific performances.


Tickets are $15 for adult and $10 for concession. They are available online.

Please be aware that this is a 14+ performance due to the nature of the work (one audience member).

Program A  -  https://www.trybooking.com/BHCLO

Program B  - https://www.trybooking.com/BHCLQ