Year 12 Student Wins Economics Competition

Earlier in term 2, the Western Australian Department of Treasury (Treasury) and the Economic Teachers Association of Western Australia (ETAWA) announced the establishment of an annual schools economics competition for year 11 and 12 students enrolled in Western Australian secondary schools. This was the inaugural competition.

The Competition provided students in all secondary schools across the state an opportunity to develop their research, analytical and communication skills, fostering an interest and participation in economics. In 2018, students are asked to prepare a 2,000 word essay on:

"What do you consider to be the main problems or issues facing the Australian and Western Australian economies? What policy, or combination of policies, do you believe would be most successful in solving the problems or issues you have identified?"

Thabiya , from our Year 12 Economics class,  entry into this Treasury/ETAWA Annual Schools Economics Competition was – Three Issues, One Policy: Diversify, Invest and Expand .

At the finalists ceremony held today at the new Treasury office, the top 3 entries of the state made presentations to senior economic analysts at the Treasury. Thabiya made a 10 minute presentation regarding her essay. She expounded on her  idea to diversify the economy so that the future of our economy is not just linked to iron prices. She also had the opportunity to interact with the Treasury officials and they were very keen to know about her journey and her ideas.

Thabiya's presentation was outstanding and won her the first prize of $2000.

She certainly did her school and community proud.