Mock Trials Teams Approach Finals

This year Mount Lawley has once again excelled in the Mock Trial competition, finishing 1st and 2nd in the final washup of the first three rounds.

In doing so, these students have not only remained undefeated, but on points scored have finished at the top of the table against 126 teams from 55 schools!

These students have shown dedication, commitment and resolve by preparing and rehearsing in their own time, and performing brilliantly in courtroom situations (The Supreme Court of WA) against worthy opponents.

They have had to thoroughly prepare for and understand the case, argue to the Judge their clients (sometimes the accused, sometimes the prosecution), and rebut the arguments of their "Learned Colleagues" representing the other side's case.

In other words, they have learned to advocate exactly as a real-life lawyer does, and then face the daunting challenge of matching their legal  wits and skills against other teams. 

We now progress to the final elimination rounds, against 15 other teams.

From here on, it's "sudden-death" elimination rounds. 

The cases become harder and more complex, the stakes are higher, and the courtroom skills will need to be finely- tuned in order to progress to the finals.

Keep your fingers crossed for the 2 teams, give them encouragement and congratulate them for a great effort so far.

The ultimate goal? An all  Mount Lawley Grand Final of course!