Understanding Mental Health Presentation for Year 9

Mount Lawley takes a proactive, whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing at our school. We currently run a number of initiatives to support having conversations with our students about mental health, to develop resilience, encourage positive coping strategies, and promote help seeking behaviours.

Youth Focus, a leading service provider in youth mental health, has developed a mental health program in partnership with Black Dog Institute that is designed to 'Start the conversation' around mental health in our school and community.

Mount Lawley Senior High School and Youth Focus have been in partnership since 2015.

This partnership continues to be an integral part of the school's strategic priority for the implementation of the Mind Matters framework for promoting good mental health and wellbeing in our school community.

A one-hour session will be delivered by Youth Focus to our Year 9s during school time in Week 5 of this term.

The presentation 'Understanding Mental Health Education Program', is designed to increase their level of mental health literacy, as well as, their awareness around common mental health issues that young people face, focusing on depression and anxiety.

This is a good opportunity to start the conversation with your young person around their own self-care, mental health and looking after a friend they are worried about.