Trialling a New Approach to Effective Feedback 

In 2016, Mount Lawley SHS has made a commitment to implement the latest educational research recommendations in our school through the Visible Learning program. 

As part of this exciting initiative, a proposal for providing effective feedback and developing students' ability to engage and act on that feedback has been developed. 

This strategy is being trialled in selected classes during term 4.  

The effective feedback proposal uses Connect, the Department of Education's integrated online environment. 

We will use Connect to document teacher feedback on assessments and allow teachers, students and parents to engage in the effective feedback process. 

Eleven teachers in the school have volunteered for the trial and will implement the proposal with selected classes. 

Students and parents in those classes will be notified in the next week that they will be a part of the trial and supplied with their login details for Connect that will allow them to participate in the effective feedback process.

The process will involve the following steps:

  • Teachers will provide individualised feedback to students on what they are doing well and the key points they need to focus on to improve their outcomes. 
  • Students will then document that feedback online using Connect and create a learning goal for that subject based on the teacher feedback they have received. 

Studies show effective goal setting strategies significantly increase the success and speed at which people achieve their desired outcomes. 

This is an invaluable skill for students to learn. 

These learning goals will also be documented in Connect where teachers and parents will be able to view and engage in discussion on their students' feedback and learning goals.

Participants in the trial will be asked to complete a survey at the end of the trial to help us improve the process. 

If the trial is successful, we will implementing this effective feedback process across the whole school. 

Keep your eye out for further effective feedback news…