Mock Trials Success


The Year 11/12 Mount Lawley mock trial team competed against Christchurch Grammar School on Thursday night at the Supreme Court in the quarterfinal of the Law Society's of Western Australia's competition.

The team of Sophia, Shaun, Johnny, Lulu, Penny, Olivia T, Olivia W and Kat were outstanding in their individual roles and all contributed to a narrow team victory (140 to 141.5 out of a possible 165).

They argued a 'misleading or deceptive conduct' case against a 'developer' in the hypothetical town of Wombat. Penny played the client who bought the dodgy land and her friend a fung shui expert was played brilliantly by Johnny. Their barristers Sophia and Shaun were able to argue that the developer had made promises that he had not fulfilled. Supporting roles by the two Olivia's were carried out with calm professionalism and 'gave their roles that extra polish' according to the judge.

Watched on by their anxious coaches, Mount Lawley staff; Ms Galvan Mr Pearce, Ms Bell and a gallery of parents and siblings, the trial provided great drama and entertainment.

For their next trial they face a semifinal against Chisholm College. It is a criminal matter of 'driving while disqualified' and Mt Lawley will play the Prosecution.

The trial will be held in the court rooms at the new David Malcolm Justice Centre in Perth. Interested students and staff are welcome to attend the trial and support a very hard working and talented bunch of students.