Annual 5th of the 5th Reunion

CHARLES HOTEL 509 Charles Street North Perth Thursday, 5 May 2016, 5:55pm.

Although this reunion started as an opportunity for our foundation students to get together, it has expanded to become a meeting place for past students from many different years.

Hi to all who attended Mount Lawley Senior High School, either as students or as teachers.

The Class of 1959 (aka Old 55) meets informally every year at 5:55 p.m. on 5 May .

The date and time were chosen as "all the fives" to represent 1955, the year of the first intake of students to Mount Lawley SHS.

Modern terminology now refers to the original intake as "foundation" students and "foundation" teachers.

The original intake includes the students who started in 1955, 1956 and 1957 at Highgate in the buildings that were previously known as the Highgate Infants School, because the buildings at the Mount Lawley site were not yet ready for occupation.

Most people attending the reunion turn up nearer to 7:00. Most people stay for less than three hours.

The evening usually attracts from 60 to 90 ex-students.

The more that you can encourage others to attend, the better the evening will be.

The evening is really low key! Mingle!

There will be an opportunity for you to say something at about 8:00pm.

Some students from the Class of 1972 always join us.

They are also "Old 55" as they were born in 1955.

Students of any year are welcome to join us.

Teachers from any year are welcome to join us.