Understanding Mental Health Education Presentation for Parents

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Youth Focus, a leading service provider in youth mental health, has developed a mental health program in partnership with Black Dog Institute that is designed to 'Start the conversation' around mental health in our school and community.

They have kindly offered to run an information session for parents which is designed to increase the level of mental health literacy across the community and is part of the 'Understanding Mental Health Education Program' to increase awareness around common mental health issues young people face, focusing on depression and anxiety.

This forms part of our school's strategic plan for the implementation of MindMatters as a whole school approach to raising awareness of and preventing mental health issues among our young people.

During Term 4 last year we had Youth Focus come out to present to our students who found the presentation interesting and meaningful, and now they are offering to run an Information Session for parents.

We would love as many parents as possible to attend the Information session which will take place at school on Wednesday, 10th February 2016.

Please note that this session is only for adults.

  • When: Wednesday 10th February @ 6.00pm
  • Where: Staffroom - Upstairs in the Main Administration Building.
  • Who: All Parents are invited
  • Presenter: Sarah Kubicki (Youth Focus)
  • Duration: 6.00pm - 7:30pm (1 Hour presentation + Half hour questions)