Music Committee AGM

The annual AGM for the Mount Lawley Senior High School Music committee will be held next Thursday 11th February at 7.00pm in the Music Room.

All parents who have an interest in the music program are encouraged to attend.

The Music committee meets on the 2nd and 6th week of each term at 7pm.

It forms an integral part of the music program at Mount Lawley through its involvement in the support and organisation of public performances, as well as ongoing financial support through its fundraising activities.

Matters relating to the general operation of the Music department are discussed and where possible the Music Committee has been able to offer both financial and individual support.

Significant examples have been the financial backing of the administrators position and the purchase of many thousands of dollars of musical instruments.

The organisation of major public events through the year, such as concerts and the annual Art Auction, are a significant part of the committees work and can give parents the chance to become further directly involved in both the school and their child's musical career.

The meetings are structured around a representative from the Music Department and are formally organised through the administrative positions of:

  • Convenor
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Committee members

These postions will be open for nomination at the AGM on Thursday.

All parents are encouraged to attend the meeting.