parking-cover.jpgSafe Parking at School

The City of Stirling has released a brochure addressing the issue of parking around schools in an attempt to remind motorists 'to take extra care on the roads and to be vigilant in school zones where children would be stepping out of cars and crossing roads.'

There have been changes to the parking environment at Mount Lawley SHS with the departure of Mount Lawley Primary School to their old site, but also with the addition of our Year 7 students to the school.

We do remind members of our school community to take extra care during the busy drop-off and pick-up times.

Safe Parking at School Brochure (pdf)

How can parents help?

  • Walk or cycle to school when dropping off or collecting children

  • Park nearby and walk a short distance to the school
  • Plan your trip so you arrive on the school side of the road

  • Avoid leaving your vehicle for long periods

  • Adhere to signage at all times

  • Form a School Road Safety committee (contact your principal and P&C)

  • Use public transport

  • Slow down around schools and be aware.