Mentally Healthy School Accreditation

Mount Lawley Senior High School is now officially recognised as a Mentally Healthy School.

We have joined as partners with Act Belong Commit to promote a whole school and community approach to mental health promotion.

Act Belong Commit is a community based health promotion campaign which encourages people to take action to improve their mental health and wellbeing in the following ways:


Be active in as many ways as you can, physically, socially, cognitively,and spiritually. Completing a crossword or taking the dog for a walk are good ways to keep mentally and physically active.


Join in a school group or team, a local sporting team or start a walking group


Make a commitment to an interest or cause. Volunteer, participate in an activity such as a fun run, 40 hour Famine.

The Act Belong Commit High School Fact Sheet

For more information about Mount Lawley SHS's Act Belong Commit contact Suzie Barnes, Healthy Active Coordinator