Korean & Japanese Languages Now Offered

Mount Lawley Senior High School is pleased to be adding Korean and Japanese to the list of languages offered to our incoming Year 7 and 8 students.

Korean has been selected as one of the top 5 Asian languages by the Federal government, and next year, Mount Lawley will be one of the first two government high schools to offer Korean in Western Australia.

Japanese is becoming increasingly popular as well.

"It is exciting, because they are new languages at the school," said Grace Costa, Curriculum Leader Languages, "and we are looking forward to seeing our students study these languages."

Already the school has started to develop closer ties with the University of Western Australia (who offer Korean language) and the Korean Language Foundation.

The school is also exploring relationships with Japan.

Other languages offered to our Year 7 and 8's include, Italian, Chinese Mandarin and French.

Our Gifted and Talented (GAT) languages are Italian and Chinese Mandarin.