Asthma Friendly School

On Monday 28th April 2014 the Asthma Foundation WA provided training to the staff of Mount Lawley Senior High School to ensure they are aware of the current management plan in Asthma First Aid and could respond in an event with best practice asthma management.
As a result the school is now registered as an Asthma Friendly School until 2017 and we are committed to following the guidelines set by Asthma Australia which include commitment by staff, students and parents/carers.
The roles and responsibilities as set out by the Asthma Foundation for students and parents/ carers are:
Students: Are supported to self manage their asthma in line with their age and stage
of development.


  • Provide an Asthma Care Plan, signed by the treating Doctor
  • Provide their child's medication, clearly dated and a spacer
  • Alert staff to any changed to their child's asthma management

If your child has asthma, regardless of the level of severity, it is VERY important that you provide the school with an updated action plan signed by your Doctor and provide your child with current medication and a spacer.

For more information please contact Tracey Godfrey, Community Health Nurse on 9471 0300 or