GIS Knowledge in the Classroom

Bringing experts in their fields is always important for our students.

Developing an appreciation of important development in the working world leads them to make the best decisions.

On April 4th the Year 10 Society and Environment Academic Extension class were addressed by Dr. Halina Kobryn, PhD, lecturer at Murdoch University on spatial data analysis, remote sensing and their applications in natural resource monitoring and management.

Dr. Kobryn has done extensive research in mapping marine habitats in the temperate and subtropical waters with hyperspectral and multispectral remote sensing instruments and regarding applications of spatial data in investigations on the human use of coastal areas.

In her address to the young students, she outlined how GIS is being used to enhance the knowledge of land use in Western Australia.

She captivated her audience with her extensive knowledge about the subject as well as about career opportunities in the field of Geography.

Her presentation made us aware about the invaluable work done by our scientists to develop a better understanding of our environment and the need to sustain it.

The students showed a keen interest in her current research on 'Wealth from Oceans in the Ningaloo Reef and investigation of the efficacy of deep drains in agricultural areas with remote sensing.