Hedland History Links

On the very cold morning of Friday 24th May, 5 eager young Year 12 historians visited Mount Lawley SHS from Hedland Senior High School.

They were here for an intensive revision program before embarking upon other activities to back up their appreciation of WA history.

The revision program was designed as part of our "Sister School" relationship with Hedland SHS.

This was in preparation for their upcoming Semester 1 exams and eventually their WACE.

The students were also able to take in a tour of the school and the Performing Arts facilities - and naturally the coffee shops.

Their extended 'tour of history' also included a visit to the WA Library, the WA Museum, The Army Museum in Fremantle and the HTAWA Year 12 History revision sessions at Notre Dame university on Saturday morning.

Regular revision programs for all students are a significant part of the offerings in the Senior School at Mount Lawley - to those here and visitors.

Recently we had Hedland SHS history students visit for an revision program on Modern History.

Mountt Lawley and Hedland SHS have worked closely with both History and Geography over the years, in a relationship that is keenly supported by BHPbilliton.

It ensures a continued development and curriculum growth for Hedland with program development, assessment outlines, moderation of work and professional support for the teachers.